Removable Prosthetics

Here at Ideal Profile Limited we are able to provide dentures to dental surgeons for their patients.

We are very sorry but we do not offer this service at an NHS level.

At Ideal Profile we believe that to achieve a proper fitting and fit for purpose denture all steps of the manufacturing process should be followed not only in the lab but also in the surgery, and as such we offer a package basis which, along with a try-in, include a special tray and wax bite (if bite isn’t positive) as standard. There is no price reduction for not having special trays so please don’t ask if you choose not to use the special tray provided and the fit of the denture is not suitable then a full fee will be charged for a remake.

The packages do not include teeth and are an additional cost.  This is so you, the patient, and myself can choose the most suitable teeth for the case.

We are able to offer most makes of teeth and possibly some you will be less familiar with. This enables us to offer you high quality dentures that will look natural and also give you and the patient the flexibility of cost by choosing a level of teeth that suits.

We always have a good selection on 4Natur by Schottlander for entry level and Ivoclar’s Vivodent S DCL for intermediate level.  Shade guides and mould charts are available for a fee on request with most other manufacturers available to order, to include Enigma and Vivodent SPE as an example of our premium tooth.

Removable Prosthetics
Removable Prosthetics 02

Where possible all dentures are finished using the Ivobase injection system, on the reduced monomer cycle.

This system offers a range of shades and with the option of high impact in some of the shades as standard, I use pink-v as in both high impact and hybrid.

Tooth and gum characterisation is also available on request using Twiny composite for that extra little touch.

All chrome frameworks including equipoise design are manufactured off site by a trusted and long used lab that is a dedicated chrome laboratory.

I have attended a Solvay training course and this and other milled frame works can be sourced, if required.

We are also a registered Valplast laboratory which is ideal for small areas where a traditional acrylic denture may not be suitable.